March 19, 2022

St. Joseph: A Labor of Love

Joseph’s work in Nazareth was a labor of love. He understood the importance of the home life of the Holy Family, and he thoughtfully and sensibly carried out the stewardship necessary.

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Painting of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary talking to an Angel

Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary

We know very little about Saint Joseph, except that he was the husband of Mary and foster-father of Jesus. Scripture calls him a just man and points out a few incidences in which he showed virtuous behavior. After he and Mary found Jesus in the Temple, Saint Joseph is not mentioned again.

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Becoming Less, Being More

The difference between our dreams and God’s plans can be seen in the story of Joseph of Nazareth. At one of the lowest points in Joseph’s life, God opened his eyes to a new dream.

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Lent with Padre Pio: Second Saturday

All of us have had times when we’ve reacted harshly or unkindly to someone. Padre Pio was not exempt from this either.

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