Pause + Pray

Listen to the Praying

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I sneak in a few seconds to myself during Mass sometimes. In the midst of a communal prayer—say the Nicene Creed or Our Father—I stop and listen for a bit. I hear and almost feel the prayers of all others in the church. As they pray the same prayer all together, it sounds beautiful to me. I feel God. I sense their voices ascending to heaven. After a few moments of listening to this holy sound, I ease back in and join them for the remainder of the prayer.


Oh God, help me to pray in a way pleasing to you.
Also help me to appreciate the fact
that many others are praying with me.

Please bless our unity in prayer.


Try the stop-and-listen strategy for a minute the next time you go to Mass. Consider how you feel when you hear your fellow parishioners joined together in prayer. Can you perceive their voices lifting heavenward?

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