Pause + Pray

Be a Good Ancestor


Each moment provides the opportunity to be God’s companion in creating a positive future. When we look beyond ourselves and act with concern for future generations, our actions will outlive us. They may even turn the tide of history from death to life. Each action matters. Live as if this present moment shapes the destiny of the planet. Let God’s love flow through you to people you will never meet.


O God, our help in ages past and hope in years to come,
help me to see each moment as holy—
As an opportunity to share your love right now
and shape the future in ways I cannot imagine.
Let me bring peace on earth and good will to all.


Be mindful of your interactions today. Enjoy the day, rejoice in its beauty, and add beauty to the world one act at a time. Who needs your love today? Where might your compassion tip the balance from hate to love, and from death to life in this moment, for you and for those who follow you?

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