Pause + Pray

An Antidote to Sleepwalking


There is a 500-year-old prayer technique that continues to be popular with many people. Before retiring for the evening, look over the day’s events and the feelings you experienced. Where was God in that person you met? How did God speak to you during that telephone conversation with a friend? When did God surprise you with an inspiring thought or a feeling of peace and joy? What came to you as a gift from God? God’s presence surrounds us and is always reaching out to us in the nitty-gritty experiences of our daily life. Unfortunately, most of us go through life as sleepwalkers, unaware of these “glimpses of God.”


God, you minister to me through people, situations,
my deepest feelings, 
and my most creative thoughts.
Heal my blindness so I may witness your presence in my life.
Heal my deafness so I may hear your invitations to action.
Heal my hard-heartedness so I may live with the awareness
of your abiding presence.



This evening look over your day, and rummage for those “glimpses of God.”

Paschal Paradox by Diarmuid O'Murchu


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