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A Divine Orchestra

Person playing the cello in an orchestra


“All the parts of the body, though many, are one body” (1 Corinthians 12:12). I do enjoy watching an orchestra–whether live on stage, peeking into an orchestra pit, or on TV. Sometimes, I can see a few individual faces–a violinist pouring her heart into each and every push or pull of the bow across the strings, an oboe player furrowing his eyebrows in deep concentration, a cellist closing his eyes as he connects to the music, etc. Each face amazes me. They do their small parts with intensity to help create the full, altogether glorious orchestra music. Examine your life for a moment. Do you give it your all? Has your heart become lethargic, causing you to be out of tune?


Oh Lord, help me to do my little part in life with such passion and devotion.
Please don’t let me be an unprepared, careless, squeaky player,
but a fully devoted musician in your orchestra!


Today tap into what matters–whatever needs tuning up in order to make you a devout member of God’s orchestra.

Franciscan School of Theology


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