Minute Meditations

Where the Lord Calls

“I propose to go wherever the Lord calls me.” (St. Martin of Tours)

Martin’s choices in life had been limited. His parents were pagans, and his father was a Roman army officer, so of course that was the plan the family insisted he pursue. Martin had begun studying to become a Catholic but had not yet been baptized when he saw a shivering beggar. Martin ran his sword through his cloak, and gave the beggar half. A mystical experience resulted, hastening Martin’s conversion. He was imprisoned for his refusal to fight; after his release, he eventually made his way to Hilary of Poitiers, who ordained him and provided him with land for a hermitage.

Martin continued to live as a monk throughout his twenty-five years as bishop of Tours. He is believed to be the first non-martyr the Church considers to be a saint. Becoming a Christian freed Martin from a need to live up to the expectations of his parents or his military commanders. His story reminds us that even if people have financial control over us, it is God, not them, who we serve and who we must put first. Today invite God to help you make the decision with which you’ve been wrestling.

—from the book Brotherhood of Saints: Daily Guidance and Inspiration,
by Melanie Rigney

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