Minute Meditations

The Good Shepherd

Many sheep do not recognize the presence of the Good Shepherd in the Church today and insist on wandering off on their own, expecting to enjoy the false freedom of living independently. They allow themselves to be deaf to the voice of the Shepherd. Soon, without realizing it, they grow weak without the nourishing food in the Shepherd’s pasture and grow thirsty as they drift farther away from the springs of living water in the Spirit.

The Good Shepherd wanders day and night throughout the whole world, seeking out the lost, the bruised, and the troubled sheep. In ways we can never comprehend, he touches their lives and comforts and heals and strengthens their troubled and anguished spirits, broken bodies, and minds. The Good Shepherd will never abandon his flock.

— from the book Stories of Jesus by Joseph F. Girzone

Minute Meditations


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