Minute Meditations

woman praying with a rosary

Honest, Humble Prayer

I have learned that the plan of God is much more exciting than anything I ever could have fashioned for myself.
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God Is with All of Creation

It was the very closeness of God that moved Francis to the depths of his being. He was no longer alone. God was with him and with the whole world. God was in him and God was in every creature, ...
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Learn to Say, ‘I’m Sorry’

Let us learn to acknowledge our mistakes and to ask for forgiveness: “Forgive me if today I raised my voice.” “I’m sorry if I passed without greeting you.” “Excuse me if I was late…if this week I was very silent…if ...
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Celebrate Our Lady of the Rosary

Think of the rosary as being like the ocean: There’s something in it for everyone, whether you consider yourself a veteran mystic longing to go deeper in prayer with our Lord, a novice struggling to learn how to pray, or ...
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Let God’s Love Warm You

Let me ask you: Are there moments when you place yourself quietly in the Lord’s presence, when you calmly spend time with him, when you bask in his gaze? Do you let his fire inflame your heart? Unless you let ...
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Saint Faustina on Spiritual Poverty

“When I was by myself, I began to reflect on the spirit of poverty. I clearly saw that Jesus, although he is Lord of all things, possessed nothing. From a borrowed manger he went through life doing good to all, ...
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The front of a church

How Do We Hear the Voice of God?

St. Francis is seen as the gentle saint who shows us that the way to peace and justice is the way Christ has shown us in the Gospels, namely, the way of the love of God, which is the way; ...
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