Minute Meditations

Joyful, smiling woman laying in grass.

Joy Is Born of Happiness

Joy is born of happiness at possessing what we love. Now, from the moment at which the soul knows God, it is naturally led to love him.
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No One Can Separate You from God's Love

Mistreatment by anyone, and especially by a parent, can leave us feeling worthless and unloved. When we feel unloved by human beings close to us, it can be difficult to feel loved by God. As you saw in my example, ...
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We Are Not Trapped by Our Past

The past can only hurt you if you let it. Sounds simple in principle, but it is complicated to apply. The counselor taught me something he called “mindfulness.” In a nutshell, it is a method of focusing on the here ...
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Choose to Speak Rather than Remain Silent

Saint Cassian of Tangier models the ultimate Christian act of brotherhood and friendship. His decision to speak up for what is right clearly left him standing alone in the courtroom and later on at his beheading. There were no groups ...
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Hearing the Voice of God

Among all the voices that surround and beckon us, we need to discern the unique cadence of God’s voice. And we have a number of principles that come to us from Jesus, from Scripture, and from the deep wells of ...
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What the World Needs from Us

Francis never wanted anyone to follow him, he wanted them to follow the one he followed. “The Lord has shown me what is mine to do. May he show you what is yours.” In this humility, we realize that it ...
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What Can We Learn from St. Francis de Sales?

Above all else, Francis de Sales had the heart of an apostle. True, he was intellectually gifted, he had an amiable and mild disposition that helped him make friends easily, and he was an effective writer and public speaker. But ...
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