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A High-stakes Game

NOTHING MAKES YOU MORE AWARE of your own social privilege than being a White woman raising a Black teenage son. As such, I’ve learned a thing or two about the way the world works. It’s a high-stakes game; one with ...
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Faith and Family for July 10: Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The well-known story of the Good Samaritan is highlighted in this week's Gospel. It calls each of us to care for others.
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Time to Love Yourself

Throughout the course of the year, people spend a good deal of money to show those in their lives how much they are loved and cared for. But will we take that idea and turn it toward ourselves? Probably not.
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Faith and Family for July 3: Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In today’s Gospel, Jesus sends out 72 disciples on mission. He urges them to bring a message of peace as they announce that the Kingdom of God is at hand.
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Faith and Family for June 26: Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Journey is a theme in this week's Gospel. Father Greg Friedman, OFM, says that theme offers us a chance to explore what being a disciple means.
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Faith and Family for June 19: Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

Feeding others—both literally and spiritually—is the theme of this week's Gospel. It reminds us that Chris is the bread of life for all.
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Roots and Wings: The Early Years of Solanus Casey

Blessed Solanus Casey's early life was one of hard work, struggle, and a deep Catholic faith.
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