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Have You Said Your Prayers?

As children, we were taught to “say our prayers.” But as adults, does our prayer life consist of only memorized words? Or is it truly a conversation with God?

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I Will Trust in You

When life takes a turn for the worse it can feel as if God has forgotten us, doesn’t see us, or worst of all, doesn’t love us. If something disrupts your plans today, reinforce your trust in God by silently repeating the phrase, “I trust in you, God,” until your sense of calm is restored.

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Experiencing the Breath of God

Try to pay attention to your breathing for a full minute. As you breathe in fill your heart with gratitude; as you breathe out relinquish any tension you are holding.

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God Is Truly Right

The world can be an argumentative place. Strong opinions abound, and our human pride makes us want to be right, be heard, and get in the last word.

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When Self-Importance Becomes a Problem

Practice humility today. Start with some easy ideas: Thank someone for their contribution to a joint project; let someone else talk more than you do in the conversation; serve yourself last at a meal.

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Taste the Goodness of the Lord

Pay attention to the things you taste and smell today, and at bedtime reflect on your three favorites. Pray for all those in the world who are suffering because of Covid-19 or any other illness.

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