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Questions about Heaven

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Where is heaven? Will my husband who died two years ago know me and still love me? If we have hurt people, will they have forgiven us by the time we get to heaven? What if there’s nothing beyond a person’s casket and grave?

Heaven is more a state of being than a place such as Boston, St. Louis, Phoenix, or Los Angeles a place that you can find on a map. Christians understand heaven as being with God for all eternity.

Your husband will still know you and love you, but Jesus cautioned his disciples against thinking of heaven simply as an extension of life on earth. When he said that after the resurrection, people neither marry nor are given in marriage (Mt 22:30), Jesus was emphasizing the difference between marriage on earth and the situation of married people in heaven.

He was not trying to add to the burdens of widows and widowers. There are no curses or resentments in heaven. If there were, how could people in heaven be eternally happy in God’s presence?

Nothing Jesus says justifies believing that a casket and a grave are the final period in a person’s life story. Although we might be curious about certain details regarding heaven, isn’t being happy with God for all eternity quite enough?

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  1. In heaven, the babies and all children will grow up. No sex, no pregnancy, so when all the children go up there will be no more small children ever? Please email a response

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