May 23, 2017

Pope Francis and the ‘Joy of Love’

Family life is experiencing stress around the world. Because Pope Francis has made families a priority in his papal ministry, the 2014 and 2015 sessions of the World Synod of Bishops, representing all the world’s bishops, focused on a single topic: marriage and family life.

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Catholic Sites to Explore: Ave Maria Grotto

When Michael Zoettl entered the Benedictines at St. Bernard Abbey in Cullman, Alabama, he had no plans of building a shrine. Taking the name Brother Joseph, he soon was assigned to the menial tasks necessary to keep the abbey running, including shoveling coal for the abbey’s power plant.

Although Joseph was obedient to his superiors and did his best, he found the work tedious. For relief, in his spare time he began to build miniature shrines that held little holy statues. These miniatures were sold at the abbey gift shop to support the missions.

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Why Pray for Others?

I understand that my prayers for someone will not cause God to move that person to the head of the line or guarantee a desired outcome. Then why do we pray for other people?

We cannot pray honestly for someone else without at the same time growing in compassion toward that person in particular and indeed toward all suffering people. Through honest prayer, we become more like the God to whom we address those prayers.

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Questions about Heaven

Where is heaven? Will my husband who died two years ago know me and still love me? If we have hurt people, will they have forgiven us by the time we get to heaven? What if there’s nothing beyond a person’s casket and grave?

Heaven is more a state of being than a place such as Boston, St. Louis, Phoenix, or Los AngelesÑa place that you can find on a map. Christians understand heaven as being with God for all eternity.

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Editor’s Minute

As a magazine, one connected to a sprawling digital outreach, we’re always listening. Yes, we listen to the news and to our many sources of inspirational information, always to bring strong content to you. More important, we listen to you, our loyal subscribers, to know your wants and needs, and to understand how well we’re meeting them.

We sometimes draw your attention to difficult moral issues, perhaps inspiring you to take action. At the same time, we maintain a steady stream of inspiration to nourish your spirit in other ways.

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Reel Time

The Lost City of Z

In the early 1900s, Col. Percy Fawcett (Charlie Hunnam), an experienced traveler and surveyor, trains British soldiers in Cork, Ireland. He lives there with his wife, Nina (Sienna Miller), and young son, Jack.

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