February 23, 2023

Pope says Lent is time to let go of the frivolous, to choose truth, love

ROME (CNS) — What matters is the truth and the love that God sees, not what is superficial, showy and self-centered, Pope Francis said during a Mass to mark the beginning of Lent. Pope says Lent is time to let ...
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Basket of rustic loaves of bread

Daily Bread

Reflect We gather at holy and ordinary tables to connect, to be fed and nourished. What we taste, chew, and swallow feeds our bodies and strengthens us for prayer and service—for dwelling in God. Even while many are hungry, food ...
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Cross on a mountainside | Photo by Teddy Jansen on Unsplash

Centering Our Lives on Christ

When Bernard of Quintavalle told Francis he wanted to join his life of poverty, they spoke to the parish priest and, under his guidance, opened the Scriptures three times, a common practice in medieval times.
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Cross with a purple ribbon

Lent with St. Clare: Thursday after Ash Wednesday

When Clare left her home, she was completely alone. For a brief time, she met with Francis and his brothers and then took refuge with a community of religious sisters. In essence, however, she was charting her own path.
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