October 11, 2022

Etienne: Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons ‘are of grave concern’

Seattle Archbishop Paul D. Etienne said Oct. 7 he is “increasingly troubled” by Russia’s war against Ukraine and said Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “irresponsible threats” to use nuclear weapons “are of grave concern.”

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If I Truly Believe

If I truly believe in the good news of the gospel, why am I not bursting to tell the world about it? Why am I not overflowing with joy that explodes into my daily life?

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Pathways to God in Everyday Life

People who had ordinary encounters with Jesus in the Gospels can aid our daily journey as disciples.

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The Audacity of the Saints

You love St. Augustine, St. Magdalene, these souls to whom “many sins were forgiven because they loved much.” I love them too, I love their repentance, and especially…their loving audacity!

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