July 4, 2022

Pope couldn’t go to Congo, but Congolese in Rome pray with him

Despite disappointment that Pope Francis was not in Congo July 3, some 2,000 people—most of them Congolese—joined the pope for Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, singing, swaying and ululating.

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Time to Love Yourself

Throughout the course of the year, people spend a good deal of money to show those in their lives how much they are loved and cared for. But will we take that idea and turn it toward ourselves? Probably not.

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Not Independent From Each Other

Independence Day is a time for patriotism and picnics, to be sure. A different way to think about this national holiday is to consider what our freedom actually opens up for us. Is there a part of you that is tethered or restrained from being free?

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Healing the Wounds of America

As “ambassadors for Christ,” we are called to do the hard work of healing our broken nation and our broken hearts.

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