April 10, 2022

Statue of Saint Magdalene of Canossa

Saint Magdalene of Canossa

Saint Magdalene of Canossa worked in hospitals and among the poor, opened her home as a lodging for girls, started a school, and founded two religious communities. She accomplished all of this without the support of her family.
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A Change of Habit

Clare Offreduccio (1194-1253) grew up in a wealthy, devout family, and likely was expected to marry. However, all that changed when she heard Francis of Assisi speak.
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Lent with Padre Pio: Palm Sunday

To this day, Padre Pio is venerated for his holiness, simplicity, and poverty—three characteristics we can all try to emulate.
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The Way Up Is the Way Down

Humanity in Jesus is free to be human and soulful instead of any false climbing into “Spirit.” This was supposed to change everything, and it still will. 
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