April 3, 2022

Statue of Saint Benedict the African

Saint Benedict the African

Saint Benedict the African, also called Saint Benedict the Moor and Saint Benedict the Black, lived the life of a slave until he was 18. After joining the Franciscans, he held positions of leadership. He was known for his poverty ...
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Chaos in shelters for Ukrainian refugees increases risk of trafficking

Loreto Sister Imelda Poole has been fighting human trafficking for years and is now increasingly worried about the situation in Ukraine.
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The Gift of Trust

Trust can serve as a wonderful bond between two people. But it can also tear two people apart if that bond is broken by one of them.
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Lent with Padre Pio: Fifth Sunday

Toward the end of his life and after his death, Padre Pio has become a popular saint among Catholics.
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What Is Life and What Is Death?

The stone to be moved is always our fear of death, the finality of death, any blindness that keeps us from seeing that death is merely a part of the Larger Mystery called Life. It does not have the final ...
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