December 22, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for December 26, 2021

In the midst of our Christmas celebrations, today's Gospel reminds of “the rest of the story,” which will culminate in the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the birth of the Church. Along with Mary and Joseph and all who ...
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Blessed Jacopone Da Todi

Blessed Jacopone da Todi

Jacopone da Todi’s life changed radically when his wife died in an accident at a local tournament. Turning from his self-indulgent life, he eventually became a Franciscan friar, but life was not easy even then. Jacopone is most known for ...
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Supreme Court sends Texas abortion case to federal appeals court

Less than a week after the Supreme Court ruled that the Texas abortion law could stay in place, the court sent back a lawsuit against the state's abortion law to a federal appeals court, not to the District Court judge ...
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Day Twenty Five: A Catholic Family Advent

My daughter Riley is an animal lover. After our dog Hobbes passed away, she carried around a ceramic Yorkshire—complete with Hobbes's old collar and leash—until we got a new puppy. Riley has great concern for all animals, including birds during ...
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Innovating For a Better World

As creatures made in God’s image, we have the power to create. Think of all the men and women working to create new technologies for the benefit of others.
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