December 13, 2021

Mosaic of Saint Lucy

Saint Lucy

Little is known about Saint Lucy except that she had taken a vow of virginity, and that she was martyred in 304. Yet devotion to her sprung up in the early Church, and she is mentioned among the martyrs in ...
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Mass marks end of diocesan phase of inquiry for Day’s sainthood cause

More than 1,500 people filled St. Patrick's Cathedral Dec. 8 to witness the formal end of the diocesan phase of the sainthood cause for Dorothy Day.
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Day Sixteen: A Catholic Family Advent

Waiting for something—especially during Advent—can be really hard. The anticipation of what is to come can be overwhelming, and sometimes makes it hard to be on our best behavior. If there is a certain behavior I want one of my ...
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You Are Not Alone

Recently, the topic of mental health has been getting some much-needed attention. For far too long it has lurked in the background, with people suffering in silence.
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The Gifts of Advent Day 16: The Gift of Patience

The refrain of Advent is “The Lord is near.” Sometimes it’s hard to believe this.
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