October 6, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for October 10, 2021

To take the risk of letting go in a society that promotes “conspicuous consumption”, is indeed an impossible task without God’s help. And yet there’s an element of the Kingdom that pushes us to consider just that.
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Church’s inability to put victims first is ‘moment of shame,’ pope says

The Catholic Church's inability to make victims of abuse their top concern is a cause for intense shame, Pope Francis said.
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Faith and Family for October 10: Entering the Kingdom of God

In this week's Gospel, Jesus reminds the disciples of the commandments and then tells them that those who have a wealth of possessions will have a difficult time entering heaven.
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Baptism Equals Belovedness

The heavens ripped open wide the day Jesus was baptized. From that moment forward, he walked under an open heaven: meaning he walked in his fullness as one loved by the Father.
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‘Fratelli Tutti’: Creating Bonds

As I reflected on the explosive events of January 6, I couldn’t help but recall from Pope Francis’ newest encyclical the title of Chapter 5: “A Better Kind of Politics.”
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