July 21, 2021

Sunday Soundbite for July 25, 2021

Beginning today, our Gospel readings for five weeks come from chapter six of John’s Gospel, where Jesus is portrayed as the “Bread of Life.”
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Traditional Latin Mass ‘movement’ sows division, archbishop says

Pope Francis' letter explaining why he was restricting the use of the pre-Vatican II Mass "fearlessly hits the nail on the head: the TLM (Traditional Latin Mass) movement has hijacked the initiatives of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI ...
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Faith and Family for July 25: Multiplication of the Loaves

This week's Gospel story recounts the tale of Jesus' multiplication of the loaves and fishes in order to feed the vast crowds that had gathered to hear him preach.
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Hiding in Plain Sight

It’s hard to love a person or people you will never meet, but donating to a charity that helps those in need in places you may never be able to travel to is one way to do just that.
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St. Joseph: Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Love

In this Year of St. Joseph, it's good to remember Joseph was a real man, a real husband, and a real father, who experienced all the ups and downs that go with those roles.

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