April 1, 2021

San Jose Diocese voices support of Asian communities after hate crimes

As the U.S. marks Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month in April, the Diocese of San Jose, California, issued a statement March 29 in support of those communities, given a spate of crimes throughout the country targeting them.
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Grief in Gethsemane

During Lent, as we witness the fullness of Jesus’ story, we see over and over again that we have a God who fully understands the range of our human emotions. 
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Lent with St. Francis: Eucharist

St. Francis was absolutely devoted to the Eucharist. It’s one of the reasons he was so concerned about rebuilding and cleaning local churches, making them suitable homes for the Eucharist.
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Actions Speak Louder than Words

Our unity is far from perfect, but today’s liturgy reminds us that if we are not always working toward that unity, then, like Judas, we are finding excuses to betray Christ’s ideals. 
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