June 5, 2020

Saint Boniface engraving

Saint Boniface

Saint Boniface was an English Benedictine monk who made it his life’s mission to convert the Germanic tribes to Christianity. He found it was no easy task and ended up giving his life for the cause. Boniface was martyred on June 5, 754.

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Priest-chaplain: ‘At this time, at this juncture, black lives matter’

As daily protests over the death of George Floyd while in the custody of a Minneapolis police officer have spilled over into some of the United States’ largest cities and roiled the nation, a chaplain to several law enforcement agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area said, “At this point, at this time, at this juncture, black lives matter.”

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Marking World Environment Day, pope says: Don’t look the other way

Building a healthier, better world depends on everyone, Pope Francis said in his message marking World Environment Day June 5.

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Parish sells masks to help retired bishops, priests, imams

Raising money by selling white cloth face masks, a parish in the Ivory Coast has begun a project to provide food and other necessities to retired bishops, priests, ministers and imams.

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Floyd’s death demands examination of conscience, archbishop says

Amid the turmoil following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis, Archbishop Bernard A. Hebda said the Catholic Church must proclaim the Gospel message of Jesus’ love for all people, as well as its teaching on the dignity of human life.

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