June 5, 2020

Catholics must speak out against racism, say leaders

When a black man is just a boy, his parents will likely have two conversations with him. The first is about life in general — things like being careful crossing the street, how to choose one’s friends and be a ...
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Bishops around US express sorrow over Floyd killing, racism

Even as the United States still finds itself grappling with the coronavirus pandemic, outrage, grief and anger over the latest killing of an unarmed black man outweighed caution as hundreds of thousands turned out nationwide to protest and many of ...
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Individual Successors for Apostles?

According to Acts 1:26, Matthias was selected to replace Judas, bringing the number of apostles back to 12. I know that the pope, the bishop of Rome, is considered the successor of Peter. Were the other apostles replaced upon their ...
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