May 12, 2020

Franciscan Inspirations: The Assumption of Mary

The doctrine of Mary’s Assumption is based on something called a theological conclusion. The Scriptures contain indirect references to the concept of the Assumption, even if the word itself isn’t used.
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Saint Francis and Saint Clare of Assisi with animals

St. Francis and His Canticle of the Creatures

We all owe a great debt to St. Francis of Assisi and to his Canticle of the Creatures for leading us to the conviction that all brother and sister creatures make up one family under God’s loving care.
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A Time for Silence

Image: Pixabay For many people in today’s world, time for personal silence has been stolen. It’s time to reset and recover this stolen treasure.
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women sitting in grasses

‘What Do You Think of Me, Lord?’

The goal of prayer is to draw us into relationship with Christ. The core of prayer is a growing intimacy with our God. We all pray differently, each of us reflecting the image of God differently in our spirits and connecting ...
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people at a meeting

Franciscan Inspirations: ‘On the Way,’ Gratefully

In America, most of us have friendly relations with other Christians. We work on community projects and services together or have interfaith ministerial associations. We are grateful for how much we share in the Scriptures, beliefs, and values.
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hands clasped together in prayer

How Can Anyone Pray ‘Always’?

Over the centuries, the word prayer has been distorted and trivialized.
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