May 12, 2020

Attending Mass on Holy Days of Obligation

Q: Can the obligation to attend Mass on holy days be fulfilled before or after the actual day? Likewise, can you fulfill the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday on some other day?
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In Vitro Fertilization

In Vitro Fertilization: Where Does the Catholic Church Stand?

Is the Catholic Church against in vitro fertilization? If so, why? Isn’t this a compassionate response for couples who want to have children, but either or both spouses have medical conditions that make this unlikely?
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Pollution as a Moral Issue

It seems that the weather is becoming more extreme and that air pollution is a factor in this. Has pollution become a moral issue? I think people should stop driving so much.
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Are Some Prayers More Powerful Than Others?

Some people speak as though particular prayers or a series of prayers (such as a novena) are more powerful than simpler prayers. Is this true? Also, if I believe that God’s will is always done, why should I pray for ...
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Is Shopping on Sunday Immoral?

Is it all right to shop on Sunday if you really need something? Not long ago, my daughter asked me on a Sunday to check at a nearby store to get some special dishes for a party she was having. ...
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Donating to Light the Sanctuary Candle

My parish church has recently begun the practice of accepting money to have the sanctuary candle lit in memory of deceased parishioners. The donation is $10 for the week. Is this an acceptable practice? Several people believe this should not ...
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