May 11, 2020

The Life and Legacy of Edith Stein

Edith Stein hardly seemed Catholic-saint material. She, a precocious Jewish child, rejected God as a teen at the turn of this century in Breslau, Germany (now Wroclaw, Poland). But even as a child Edith was, at heart, a radical.
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Painting of Christ washing the feet of others

House Churches in the New Testament

Most of us link church with building, often giving a sense of stability to our faith, as well as a special space to worship God and to meet with other Church members. We easily take church buildings for granted.
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10 New Ways to Pray

"Prayer is the raising of one's mind and heart to God, " wrote Saint John Damascene. Whether we are speaking with words or sitting in silence, prayer is time spent mindfully in God's presence. Prayer is, quite simply, being with
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Falling in Love With Christ

Most people do fall in love at one time or another. By way of analogy, I suggest that falling in love is a good way to describe the apostle Paul's experience of faith.
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Honoring Mary in Your Garden

During the Middle Ages, the faithful saw reminders of Mary, the Mother of God, in the flowers and herbs growing around them. Violets were symbols of her humility, lilies her purity and roses her glory.
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