December 26, 2018

But It Was on the Internet!’

Are there any readings, books, or websites to explain to my 79-year-old sister that the archangel Gabriel appeared to Mary, telling her that she was favored by God to give birth to God's Son?My sister believes something evil happened to ...
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The Valley of Death

What is meant by the expression "the valley of the shadow of death "? I am a lifelong Catholic nearing the end of life. So much has changed over the years that I don't understand what the Church teaches now ...
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Treating Cremains Reverently

Although I know the Catholic Church approves of cremation, I can't find in the Catechism of the Catholic Church what the Church requires that Catholics do with the ashes (cremains). Do they have to be buried as in a traditional ...
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Walking with Christ

Some months before I was ordained, my bishop told me he planned to send me to teach at one of our Catholic high schools. The idea terrified me. I was not popular the first time around and imagined my new ...
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Faith Unpacked

Keep the Children Safe Back in 1989, a week of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood episodes was devoted to story lines about working mothers. In one story that week, we were introduced to Helena Ruoti, an employee at the small music shop ...
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Faith and Family

Rebuild My Church "You have to go to Mass to hear Father Ben's homily. " That was the message I got in text after text on a Saturday night a few months ago. Just days before, I had shared on ...
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