February 6, 2018

Jesus and the Women of the Gospels

One of the most striking aspects of the gospel accounts is the role of Jesus’ life and his ministry. Of course, we are aware of the unique role of Mary, Jesus’ mother, in giving birth to the savior of the world. From the very beginning of our Christian tradition, Mary is the pre-eminent person in Jesus’ life, and she is the supreme example of what a disciple, a true believer, should be. But the gospel is full of others who, though lesser in stature, still played important roles in New Testament accounts.

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Stunned into Love

God resists our evil and conquers it with good. Think about that. God shocks and stuns us into love. God does not love us if we change, God loves us so that we can change. Only love effects true inner transformation, not duress, guilt, shunning, or social pressure. Love is not love unless it is totally free. Grace is not grace unless it is totally free.

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