Saint Francis of Assisi

weak hands of an old person, folded in lap

St. Francis: Weak in Body, Strong in Spirit

The beauty of Francis’s world after his experience of the San Damiano cross is that it largely shielded him.
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Choose to Love

If we choose to love, we immediately take on the responsibility of being for others, in service and in times of opposition, in trials and persecution, also in peace and joy.
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Undressing of the Heart

When Francis stripped himself naked at Santa Maria Maggiore, he was reaching for the heart of God.
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sorrowful man.

Radical Honesty

Francis was as much subject to self-doubt as any of us. His motives were purified in prayer; his ego became right-sized there.
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Statue of St. Francis | Photo by Ryan Klaus

Ever New, Ever Young

Sometimes we resist conversion to the Lord’s way because we fear giving it full freedom will shrink our world, will make us more closed in.
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man playing a lute | Photo by Luke Peterson on Unsplash

Joyful Noise

Francis loved that image of himself as a lute strung for rapture. He wanted to stand in the wind and let the Holy Spirit play upon him for all the world to hear the beauty of his music.
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