Poor Clares

Cross inside a purple heart

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Saturday

Clare’s incarnational spirituality is radical. It is not a “consumer spirituality” for curious seekers nor is it a spirituality for the ambivalent or weak of heart. It is a spirituality of participation in the mystical Body of Christ.
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Cross in a bowl of ashes

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Friday

When Clare entered San Damiano, she came into possession of the beautiful Byzantine cross before which Francis had prayed. Now it was her “book” of prayer, her silent reminder each day: “Take up your cross and follow me.”
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Cross laid on palms

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Thursday

Clare’s spiritual path calls for active love and only one who has entered into union with the crucified Spouse can become like the Spouse, crucified in love. The church, in Clare’s view, lives and grows when its members are active ...
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Cross on a mountain with the sunset

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Wednesday

Stop and think of yourself in Clare’s place. It’s difficult, isn’t it? That’s because we are all called to serve Christ in different ways.
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Cross with a crown of thorns

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Tuesday

St. Clare did not let chronic illness deter her from taking care of her fellow sisters who were ill, as well as some of Francis’ brothers in their times of need. Clare also cared for Francis near the end of ...
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dove flying over cross with a sunset

Lent with St. Clare: Fourth Monday

There are few writings on Clare, compared to the volumes on Francis, and Clare herself left only a handful of writings. Of what remains we have four letters to Agnes of Prague, a Rule and a Blessing that are authentically ...
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