Mother Mary

Closeup of statue of Mary

We Are Found

Reflect During Lent, as we are called to look more closely at the Stations of the Cross, we witness Jesus falling for the first time, and his mother being there.  May this prayer remind you that Mary sees how heavy ...
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Our Lady of Guadalupe

This month, millions in Mexico and the United States celebrate their spiritual mother.
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Mosaic of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mary, the First Disciple

Pope Paul VI wrote succinctly: “Mary is held up as an example to the faithful for the way in which in her own particular life she fully and responsibly accepted the word of God and did it….She is worthy of ...
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People taking Jesus down from the cross

Franciscan Inspirations: Mary at the Cross

Both the devotion of Mary and the women witnessing Jesus’ death—and the gift of Mary as mother to us—are truths we cannot be without.
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Statue of the Virgin Mary crying

The Seven Sorrows of Mary

We can turn to Mary, Our Lady of Sorrows, for consolation in our suffering.
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