Mother Mary

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The Canticle of Mary

The Blessed Mother brings us so much joy and peace. Reflect on how she has been there for you, offering you a mother’s love and comfort.
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The Assumption of Mary

What does Catholicism teach about the assumption of Mary? And why is this event contemplated in the fourth glorious mystery?
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Mary, Queen of Heaven

As Mary’s story shows us, one person’s faith can forever change the world.
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Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary | Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Mary is the ultimate illumination of a woman filled with Christ’s presence, of a woman lit up from within by grace.
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Universal Mother

Reflect None of us would be here without mothers. And there is no better mother or role model than Mary, whose love for us knows no language or physical barrier. Think for a moment how lucky we are to have ...
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Lent with St. Clare: Fifth Monday

Beginning with Mother Mary, our faith is blessed with a long line of strong and holy women. Clare is definitely one of them. Just like Mary, it took great strength and courage to take the path that she did.
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