Man praying surrounded by ambient light

Postures of Prayer 

Sitting, standing, and kneeling during Mass each have their own distinct role in helping us fully experience and appreciate the liturgy. 
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man reading the Bible

The Efficacy of God’s Word

Simply by going to Mass each Sunday, we hear a huge portion of the Bible over the course of three years.
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Eucharist Bread Wine

The Body of Christ

Reflect The centurion knew he was not worthy for Jesus to enter under the roof of his home, but his faith convinced him Jesus would heal his servant anyway. Pray Dear Jesus,I move along in the Communion line at Mass,and ...
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Gregory: World needs African Americans’ ‘strength of character’

WASHINGTON (OSV News) — Celebrating a Feb. 5 Mass in honor of Black History Month, Washington Cardinal Wilton D. Gregory urged “ordinary people of color” to “vastly improve our world with an understanding of the strength of character that resides ...
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Can Drums Be Used at Mass?

According to one of my friends, the rules for celebrating Mass state that drums cannot be used with other musical instruments or with singers. Is that true?
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The Eucharist: An Ongoing Sacrament

I like to eat. Or, rather, I like to dine. There’s a difference I am told, and I like the distinction. We eat to stay alive. So, most often, breakfast and lunch are a matter of eating—my main goal is ...
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