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The Efficacy of God’s Word

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“So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; it shall not return to me empty.”—Isaiah 55:11

Simply by going to Mass each Sunday, we hear a huge portion of the Bible over the course of three years. Although we might sometimes feel distracted—whether while listening to Bible passages at church or reading them at home—God’s word always impacts us. It is not wasted; it does not float back to God empty. Perhaps only a tiny seed of Scripture might stick in our souls, but it is there and will help to shape us in a way to please God.


Oh God,
Help me to listen to or read your word with a full heart.
Help me to accept that even when my soul feels dry,
to remember that your word will still have an effect on me!


At Mass this Sunday, try to focus on at least one reading. Give God’s words a fuller chance of enriching your heart and faith. Embrace the reading and consider how it might inspire your soul.

Theresa Doyle-Nelson

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