Mary Finds Us

It is our mother who will never forget. It is our mother who will always find her child.
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The Canticle of Mary

The Blessed Mother brings us so much joy and peace. Reflect on how she has been there for you, offering you a mother’s love and comfort.
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Joseph’s Prophetic Dreams

The angel Gabriel appeared to Mary and she gives her fiat to begin her journey as the Mother of God. An angel also appeared to Joseph in his dreams, which gave him direction and a mission to begin his journey ...
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The Gift Within

No one can truly fathom Mary’s plight when she was handpicked to become the instrument of the Incarnation.
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Magnifying God

In response to John the Baptist’s prenatal greeting, Mary of Nazareth gives glory to God. She exclaims, “My soul magnifies the Lord!”
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Pregnant Pause

Mary was filled with the Holy Spirit and became pregnant with the Messiah. When a woman becomes pregnant, rest is vital for her body.
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