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God Suffered Out of Love

After Francis’ death, Bonaventure will talk about the “transformative power of love.” Love is what moved the heart and mind of the saint from Assisi, and it is love that is the greatest force for change and good in our ...
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Jesus on the cross

The Joy and Suffering of Love

The love of Jesus Christ that leads to his willing embrace of the crucified earthly destiny that appeared before him is both a model for how we are called to love and a revelation of God’s self-offering of control out ...
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Control, Surrender, Loss

If love is the free surrender of one’s control, then suffering is the involuntary taking of that control away.
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Sinners Make the Best Contemplatives

Jesus said he came for the sick, not the healthy. He dined with sinners, not church leaders. So who’s “special”?
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woman looking into a valley

Poverty of Spirit

I feel the grandeur of creation and my smallness in it. For a moment I have no worries, only the sense of God’s abiding grace in the world.
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person walking on top of sand dune

Desert Wandering

In his 2024 message for Lent, Pope Francis writes, “Lent is a season of grace in which the desert can become once more—in the words of the prophet Hosea—the place of our first love (Hos 2:16–17).”
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