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Darkness and Light

Poet Dorothy Walters offers the advice that I needed: “First let your heart be broken open.” In order to go deeper, the pain had to be met and experienced.
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Cultivating Joy

Joy is contagious—and it costs nothing to share it with those around us. Remind someone close that they are loved and cherished.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: When Your Suffering Can’t Be Seen

When we do not see someone’s symptoms, we might assume that the person is not suffering.
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Holy, Wholly Healthy: Finding a Sacred Space

We are all called to prayer, to talk to our God about what is happening in our lives. When we are worried about life-changing health issues, who better to talk with?
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Let’s Move!

When it comes to our health we know what we need to do to take care of our bodies. But—for some reason—often we don’t.
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Spirituality and Sport: Celebrating Body and Soul

Physical play and exercise can help us stay connected to God and the world.
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