Dear Reader: Tying and Untying Life’s Knots

When my son, Alex, was a Boy Scout, one of the skills that he had to master was tying various types of knots—square knot, clove hitch, sheet bend. Each one had its own purpose and design. The goal was to make sure each one was sturdy and tight. The benefit, according to the Scouts, is that the practice promotes discipline and focus, and teaches useful skills that can be used immediately.

And while those knots can be very beneficial, the same does not go for all knots. Sometimes we want them to work the opposite way and come undone. As a mom, I have spent plenty of time getting knots out of shoes, hair, and the dog, thanks to the kids. I have also dealt with less tactile knots, like ones in my kids’ nervous or excited stomachs. There were some knots, though, that I could not and still cannot untie.

In her article, author Maureen O’Brien writes about some of life’s more challenging knots that she has found herself facing recently, such as the stress of COVID-19 and other knots that are out of our hands. It was in the midst of her struggles that this author discovered Mary, Untier of Knots, and received her help in loosening the grip of those personal struggles.

This month, as we celebrate Mother Mary, let us embrace and express gratitude for the many ways in which our mother helps us untie our troubles when we most need her.

May issue of Saint Anthony Messenger

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