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Sharing the Word for March 31, 2021

Wednesday of Holy Week

March 31, 2021
Daily Reading from the USCCB: Isaiah 50:4-9a
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Each day the Lord’s Servant is instructed by God about the message he is to proclaim. He is patient even when he is rejected and abused by the people he is sent to benefit. He relies on God’s help against those who persecute him.

This oracle clearly applies to Jesus, who spent his life sharing the Good News that was shared with him by the Father, who was tortured and misused, who relied on the love of the Father for ultimate vindication. The sufferings and death of Jesus were not chance occurrences. They had been foreseen long before in the person of this servant of the Lord.

There is suffering and effort in our lives, too. But we know that God looks after his servants.

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