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Saint of the Day

Saint Oliver Plunkett

Jul 2 Saint of the Day
Saint Oliver Plunkett may not be a household name in the United States but he certainly is well known in the British Isles. The Archbishop of Armagh, Plunkett led his archdiocese through the rough days of persecution of Catholics.

Saint Thomas

Jul 3 Saint of the Day
We don’t know a lot about Saint Thomas the Apostle, but tradition has it that he traveled to and preached the gospel in India, where he was eventually martyred. His name means “twin,” and due to his skepticism, he is also known as “Doubting Thomas.”

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal

Jul 4 Saint of the Day
Saint Elizabeth of Portugal did not have an easy time in spite of the fact that she was royalty. She spent her life seeking peace between herself and her unfaithful husband, and between many of her relatives. Elizabeth saw some progress in this endeavor before retiring to a Poor Clare monastery where she died.

Saint Anthony Zaccaria

Jul 5 Saint of the Day
Saint Anthony Zaccaria lived only 36 years, but he founded three religious communities and contributed to the reformation of the Church. He insisted on various religious or devotional practices to renew the spiritual life of the clergy, religious, and laity.

Saint Maria Goretti

Jul 6 Saint of the Day
Saint Maria Goretti has captured the love and affection of thousands of people because of the simplicity and purity of her life.

Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and Companions

Jul 7 Saint of the Day
Franciscan friar Blessed Emmanuel Ruiz and his companions were tortured and killed for their faith in 1860. Little else is known about them, but the testimony of their lives speaks volumes.

Saint Gregory Grassi and Companions

Jul 8 Saint of the Day
Among the 120 Chinese martyrs canonized in 2000 were Saint Gregory Grassi and companions. Victims of political maneuverings by other countries these Franciscan men and women, along with lay men and women, gave their lives in service of the Chinese people.

Saint Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions

Jul 9 Saint of the Day
Among the Chinese martyrs was the diocesan priest, Father Augustine Zhao Rong. Facing the strong anti-foreign and anti-Catholic feelings present in China for centuries, these martyrs were caught up in a situation that in many ways had nothing to do either with religion or with the Church. But they stayed loyal to Christianity and to their people, and gave their lives in witness.

Saint Veronica Giuliani

Jul 10 Saint of the Day
A Capuchin Poor Clare nun, Saint Veronica Giuliani received the unique gift of the stigmata of Christ. Few people have been blessed with these marks; Saint Francis of Assisi was probably the most notable among them.

Saint Benedict

Jul 11 Saint of the Day
Saint Benedict is known as the Father of Western Monasticism due to his great influence on the shape and character of monastic life in the West. Living the life of a hermit, others witnessed his lifestyle and wanted to follow.