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Your Unique Path

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Sometimes on the path we’re walking it is easy to take out our frustration and confusion on God. This is human, normal, and OK. But what would it look like to consider resting in your inherent union with the divine in the unknown, in the proverbial desert, and in the tension?


This path is uniquely mine, which is to say it is ours,
since you never leave me, 
though it sometimes seems like you forsake me,
especially when I judge you through the lens of my fantasies.
Today I will trust our path, where my illusions are freed to sink in the soil 
and my obsessions are freed to sink in the sea, 
here on “the edge of the inside,” this perfect path for me.
In a world that is not my own, I will make our path my home.


Today whenever you begin to feel lost in the overwhelming nature of life’s complexities, allow a phrase from this prayer to ruminate, and create the cognitive space for you to make your home—with God—in the unknowing.

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2 thoughts on “Your Unique Path”

  1. Lord Jesus Christ, you guide us by the light of your saving truth. Fill our hearts and minds with your light and truth and free us from the blindness of sin and deception that we may see your ways clearly and understand your will for our lives. May we radiate your light and truth in word and deed to those around us. Amen.

  2. A great article and such a beautiful prayer.
    I know Jesus and I are on a path together my husband passed away in January and Jesus has been there for me. My unique path is letting Jesus lead the way and always be there should I ever stray from that path.

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