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Wonder and the Uniqueness of Creation

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Franciscan theologian John Duns Scotus developed the philosophical notion of haecceitas, the idea of particularity or “thisness.” This is an important concept to Franciscans, as the uniqueness of each thing within creation can help us to open our eyes to wonder: to God’s goodness and love permeating our lives and our world.­­­


When apathy lingers, when monotony strangles pursuit of meaning,
When another day feels aimless, empty, reactive,
Open my eyes to wonder, to the detail of creation,
to particularity, to uniqueness,
to this masterpiece we call our home,
to grace and goodness somehow rising in the emptiness—
as vibrant color permeates a once-gray world.


Consider pausing throughout your day to notice the uniqueness of creation around you. Maybe you will find it in the personality of a coworker, the smile of a stranger, or the particularity of a tree or bush as you walk around your neighborhood. As you gaze upon the “thisness” of creation, allow an awareness for beauty to rise up within you.

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1 thought on “Wonder and the Uniqueness of Creation”

  1. Mike Reininger

    I think that when we are good, then the world looks good. When we are bad, then we end up hating ourselves and everything around us. Or worse, we may even start hating God, of all things, as if it our sins were his fault! Yes, we are all contaminated by a fallen world. But that doesn’t stop the goodness of what God originally created, does it? When I see others, I try to see the best in them. I guess we see what we try to see in ourselves and likewise our place amongst others based upon our own past experiences. Memories matter, as I continue to ask, “Who am I, and what have I become? What do others think? What do I think?” and so on, and so forth. The world is an interesting stage, to say the least. Am I perfecting the part? What was my part again? I forgot. God loves me for what reason? Just because?

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