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Unseen Angels

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It takes many hands to make society work. From those who fix the cars we drive to those to repair the roads we drive them on. Delivery specialists, sanitation workers, bakers, electricians, nurses, cooks, and carpenters: How often do we thank people we cannot always see but who keep our lives humming?


God of all trades,
The pavement I walk on…
the food in my cart…
the flowers in my vase…
the sounds of a nearby ambulance…
or the ringtone on my phone:
It is your people who make all of this possible.
Let me not forget these unsung heroes,
these unseen angels, who help to make
life livable—even enjoyable.
Let them be reminded that they
are essential branches in our family tree.


The next time your car is repaired or your glass of water is refilled at a restaurant, say a quiet prayer for those whom we often forget.

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