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Are you too busy to be bored? I hope not. It might seem like an odd thing to celebrate, but in our world of nonstop digital interaction and hurried work and family life, boredom is something of a rarity. And it’s ripe with potential for our creativity and spirituality. But if we don’t allow the time and space for moments of boredom to occur, we’ll never reap its unexpected benefits.


Dear God,
You provide us with the spark that ignites genius and innovation,
But we often fill our days with chores and routines that dampen this flame.
We ask for the wisdom and patience to be bored . . . yes, bored.
In the quiet, may we listen.
With our screens down or turned off, may we see.
Guide us to manage our lives better—not more efficiently.
In the doldrums of daily life, sometimes a small breeze of inspiration
Is more impactful than a great hurricane of activity.


Do nothing for a few minutes. We’re not all gifted meditators or mindfulness gurus, but that’s OK. Just put away as many external distractions as you can for a bit of time, and notice where your mind and heart go. It’s your soul’s compass.

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