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(Un)Artificial Intelligence

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With all the talk about artificial intelligence (AI) in the news these days and the promise of how it is supposed to make our lives easier in so many ways, it’s easy to forget the power of our God-given ability to learn and understand the world around us. What if we leaned in a little bit more and put our brains to work to solve our problems as individuals and as a society? It’s often been said that love requires understanding. If we forego the temptation to let technology do all the hard thinking for us and instead put our minds—and hearts—toward creative problem-solving, we just might live out the Gospel more authentically.


God, giver of knowledge,
We ask that you help us understand—
ourselves, each other, the world, and you.
Enrich us with your omniscience.
Allow us to bask in the glow of profound comprehension.
Your light illumines our world,
pushing away the darkness of misunderstandings,
which lead to so much strife in our lives.
With hearts and minds open,
we are deeply grateful for the gift of knowing.


The Bible is full of insights on the nature and importance of knowledge. Consider this passage from the Book of Psalms, for example: “For you, Lord, give light to my lamp; my God brightens my darkness” (Ps 18:29). Where is there darkness in your life that the light of knowledge might extinguish?

Daniel Imwalle

3 thoughts on “(Un)Artificial Intelligence”

  1. AI is overrated. Computers are just a tool. I have yet to see a computer program that can translate professionally from one language to another, since translation is an art form and oftentimes involves a team effort, and what does a machine know about art? Practically nothing.

    1. A great question and answer.
      Where is there darkness in your life that the light of knowledge might extinguish?
      The answer is in psalm 18:29

  2. Lord Jesus Christ, may we always know the joy of living in your presence and grow in the hope of seeing you face to face in your everlasting kingdom. Amen.

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