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The Blessing of Time

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Time can be our adversary or ally. But what’s comforting is that it always moves forward. Let this prayer be a reminder to appreciate the little moments that make up the day.


Dear God,
My heart is heavy
at the passing of time,
but I take refuge
in the certainty
that you await me
at my journey’s end.
Give me the peace of mind
to recognize and appreciate
the passage of time—
never wasting it.
Every moment, I know,
is a gift from you.


Fit silent prayer into every hour of the day today. If only for 30 seconds, close your eyes and quiet your heart in thanks to God for the gift of the present moment.

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2 thoughts on “The Blessing of Time”

  1. This past week I turned sixty years old! How do you like that? For some odd reason, it sounds younger than when I was in my late fifties. Ok, so now what? Try and make it to seventy? Only God knows the plan He has for me. I know I was born to accomplish certain things, my mission so to speak. But now what?

  2. When I turned 50 it was a bit of mental hit. I thought I’m one half a century old, “I’m old, seriously old”.
    I’m now 76 plus, my body is slowing
    and joints ache with occasional stabbing pain; and I think, “boy, I wish I was a young 50 again” reminding me to treasure my youth every day.

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