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St. Francis and the Creche



Today, we have Nativity scenes sprinkled all over the world around the Advent and Christmas seasons because of one man’s actions. St. Francis of Assisi saw the apathy of people jaded by hearing the same Scripture readings over and over. He knew that he needed to bring the Gospel to life to enliven their Christmas spirit for the newborn king. He had the townspeople of Greccio help him put on a live Nativity, the first of its kind. To keep the Gospel alive in their hearts, people created the Christmas crèche to display every year.


St. Francis was urged to remind those he encountered of
the miracle of the Incarnation.
You chose to enter into our world,
to show us love,
to dance and to laugh with us, to give a hug when the road gets long.
Remind me, Jesus, of your presence,
of your entering into my life.


Remember some conversion moments, God moments, or any time that you felt Jesus see your heart. How did that feel? What did that do for your faith?

Natalie Ryan

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