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One of the great mysteries of life is the reality of trauma and unexplainable suffering in our world. When blindsided by this kind of darkness, we can come face-to-face with despair or a paralyzing sense of hopelessness. The goal oftentimes is to keep moving, even if it feels like descent, and to dare to trust God in the face of death.


How do I get back, my God? How do I return?
I was lucky to have experienced the goodness
of shalom, of perfect peace, a gift you gave then took away.
What does one do when reality reveals a glitch,
When life’s happiest moments now come with a sting,
When it feels everything now is lesser, grayer, lacking?
I’m afraid there is no return for this prodigal,
though I was not the one who left home.
Home—shalom—left me.
Still I will keep journeying, searching, even if I do not know where I am going.
One day, I believe, I trust, I know, I’ll see you running toward me again.


When you feel lost or hopeless, consider envisioning the father in Jesus’ parable of the prodigal son running toward you to embrace you. Take a moment to reflect on this scene throughout your day.

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